Cutest Story of the Weekend

Readers — Just had to put this on the blog. HAD to. – L.

Dear Free-Range Kids: Ok, slightly off topic, but related to the whole walking thing – my niece at age 4 wanted a big party for her 5th birthday.  But they had just moved to a new neighborhood.  So she went around to all of the houses on her block (without her mother’s knowledge), and invited everyone who had a kid to her “party”.

Apparently, not only was she incredibly charming (no surprise I say, as her auntie), she told everyone the same date and time.  The only people who did not know about her party were her parents ;-).

My SIL earned her Mother-Of-The-Century nomination for pretending she knew WHY random children were ringing her doorbell unannounced, ferreting out enough information to realize what was going on, and throwing my brother (her husband) out the back door with a tossed together list of party necessities with firm instructions to return within 30 minutes or never.

My niece is now 12, and that is one of her favorite “childhood” memories.  That is the kind of magic that is possible when a family goes Free-Range. – Christina

Now THAT’S a surprise party.

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