“Dogs Should Be Supervised in the Fenced-In Backyard At All Times” (Notes from Helicopter Pet Parenting)

Hi Folks — It  constantly stuns me how much we don’t believe in our kids, convinced they will be hurt, frustrated, killed or bored without our constant ministrations. But to see this standard of supervision extended to dogs is fairly knock-me-down-with-a-chew-toy shocking. There’s something about our society that CLAIMS it is for all-natural this and that, but it is for the most unnatural ideals of parenting people and pets EVER. – L

Dear Free-Range Kids: This came across my Facebook page from an East Coast friend who’s another Free-Ranger. She and I adopted
rescue dogs about the same time, and went through the same sort of
nonsense from the first adoption group we tried to work with. Different
groups, same thinking. “We want what’s best for the dog and you’re not

Here’s one group’s exhortation on the sort of backyard supervision
they want. Mind you we’re talking dog here, an animal that’s descended
and can still interbreed with the wolf. Dog, that, with a few exceptions,
is bred to work and live and hunt outside. Keep in mind we’re talking
about DOG as you read this.

DAWG recommends complete, physical fencing of a yard so a dog can exercise
freely with minimal danger. The best fencing is privacy fencing, because a
dog cannot see through it and therefore is less likely to go over or under
it… …All dogs must be constantly supervised in their yards for their
safety. Dogs of any size can scale fences within minutes of an owner’s
inattention. Physical fencing is not a guarantee of safety, because
children and delivery services can leave gates open, and other animals
such as bats, bees and snakes can gain access to yards. DAWG recommends
checking on the condition of fencing and digging/jumping deterrents on a
regular basis, securing all gates with locks, and installing outdoor
floodlights to illuminate the entire yard so that a dog’s “adventures” in
the yard are clearly seen at night.

Not only do we helicopter parent our kids, but once we’ve perfected that
skill, we must now helicopter our dogs. They need FLOOD LIGHTS in the
back yard so they don’t stub their poor little claws. How about bats that
can fly away clutching your precious dog? How about those dog-eating
snakes! And all those fence climbing dog-monkey cross breeds! Oh
HORRORS! Not even my own backyard is SAFE for poor defenseless DOG!

The document is here. Just in case you thought I was making this up. – Yan Seiner

Old Bill, mascot of the Lethbridge Fire Department by Galt Museum & Archives on The Commons\

I hope you weren’t planning on making dinner while I play in the yard!

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