“Escape an Active Shooter Camp” Opens in Alabama

Giving “summer escapism” a whole new meaning, a new camp in Jefferson, AL, will include a session for kids on what to do if they encounter an active shooter.

According to this piece by Carol Robinson on the blog AL.com, the five-day camp “Prepared, Not Scared” will be run by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office. Fifth- through seventh-graders  will learn some traditional skills —   how to make a fire, build a shelter — along with the more modern day skills of what to do when shot at, and how to escape a rampaging madman.  The post quotes one instructor saying, “Everyone should have personal safety skills in today’s world.”

Agreed. But the skills to evade active shooters out to massacre fifth-through-seventh graders? Isn’t that giving a little too much heft to the idea we are surrounded by crazies?

Crazies who don’t run camps, I mean? – L.

Welcome, diabolical school rampage re-enacters! Er…campers!

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