Free-Range Gifts (an Oxymoron)? Your Ideas Needed!

Folks — You’ll enjoy this post, “A Terrible Mother’s Holiday Guide to Dangerous Gifts,” by Katrina Fernandez, which begins:

… I am terrible mother, with little regard for my son’s safety. I let him play outside after dark, armed with nothing more than a flashlight. For birthdays and Christmas, I buy him things like knives and duct tape. He is routinely left unsupervised in the yard.

Sounds Free-Range to me! Anyway, she endorses other gifts, including freeze-dried food and a subscription to Popular Mechanics. I’d add to that list “50 Dangerous Things (You Should Let Your Children Do),” by Gever Tulley and Julie Spiegler, as well as…well, that’s where you come in. My ideas are painfully obvious: Balls. A bike. Two free afternoons a week. There’s a reason my husband does the gift shopping in this family.

So please feel free to suggest fun, Free-Range gift ideas. And of course for parents, there’s always the Free-Range Kids book that started it all!   Here it is, just $12.70.

Self-promotion over. Take it from here! – L.

The gift that keeps on giving.

For kid gifts, stick with the basics. (Get it? Stick?)

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