Happy Fat Choking-Hazard Tuesday!

From the Brave New World of Fearing Everything (probably including lawsuits), as sent to us by Judy in Warrington, PA:
Dear Free-Range Kids:

Today at Wegman’s, I was unable to purchase a King’s Cake (Fat Tuesday tradition) with the lucky  baby trinket hidden inside.  It seems it is now a choking hazard, even though the tradition is all ABOUT THE TRINKET– everyone KNOWS it’s hidden inside!  The whole POINT of the cake is that you want the slice with the baby hidden as you will get luck for the year…but I guess only if you live from not choking on the plastic baby.
The nice lady in the bakery told me I can buy the baby trinket at Michael’s craft store and hide it myself . No thanks, I said because at that moment I was completely disgusted at how moronic our culture has become.  – Judy, Who’s Driven to Drink  Hurricanes
Enjoy your Mardi Gras — mwa ha ha!!!

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