Lady Giving Out Letters, Not Candy, to “Obese” Trick or Treaters

Readers — This story is getting a lot of attention: A woman in North Dakota has declared she is going to give out letters, not treats, to kids she considers “moderately obese.” She feels it’s her job to bring their weight to their attention, and she’s mad at the parents for letting them forage for candy.

My take? Aside from the fact that pointing out someone’s weight is both rude and pointless (does heaping shame ever change anyone…for the better?), Halloween is the often the one night of the year kids get to discover how fun it is to leave the house. It’s a night to re-normalize the bizarrely uncommon activity called “being outside,” and its subset, “walking around the neighborhood.”

Anyone anti-obesity should ENCOURAGE that. (Perhaps even with a candy incentive.) – L.

P.S. The lady hails from around Grand Forks. Feel free to make some puns.

Trick or trauma?

Trick or trauma?


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