Life Saved Because of Free-Range Kids, Age 9 and 10!

Hi Folks – A reader named Jaimie sent in this story, noting that “These kids wouldn’t have been able to help if they weren’t outside, or if they were afraid to talk to a woman they didn’t know!”

What happened? An Atlanta-area mom named Susanna Rohm was in her living room when she noticed her baby wasn’t breathing. Out of her mind with terror, she started screaming for help! And then –

“We were outside playing football and somebody yelled call 911,” said Rocky Hurt, 9 years old, and Ethan Wilson, 10 years old. They helped save the life of the infant.

“I said even if it’s a burglar we still need to help because it’s the right thing to do,” Hurt said.

“We found that the baby was not breathing.  She was splashing water on his face and Rocky and I thought she was doing CPR,” Wilson added.

“I am just continuing to scream not knowing what to do and then Rocky runs in, whom I never met, and he is standing behind me,” Rohm said.

“Use two fingers, push on the chest 5-10 times, tilt back the baby’s head, plug the nose, and breathe into the baby’s month,” the boys added.

“He said it so confidently that I just listened to him right away,” Rohm said.

Hurt and Wilson said they learned how to do CPR from posted signs at their school cafeteria, Sedalia Park Elementary.

Let’s hear it for preparedness, bravery and kids outside!!! These are all things our society is conspiring against. Think of the busybodies who consider it “dangerous” for kids to be playing unsupervised, and even moreso for them to run inside someone’s house. What about stranger danger?  Use this story as another argument for populating the streets with first resopnders — confident kids! Fight to keep kids outside a normal part of childhood! The life you save could be…your neighbor’s baby’s.  - L

Our heroes!

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