Pilloried on “The Doctors” Today

Hi Folks — Here’s me, today, on the show “The Doctors.”

This was not an appearance I’m proud of. I don’t think I got my point across — that kids today are pretty safe, and it is only our worst-case-obsessing culture (as exemplified by, ahem, The Doctors) that is convincing us our kids are in constant danger.

What really upset me about this is…everything. That includes the fact that New York City’s parks are portrayed as citadels of crime, because there were 41 incidents over the summer. In a city of 8,000,000 people! Hey, it’s too bad there wasn’t ZERO crime over the ENTIRE SUMMER, but if 41 crimes = VIOLENCE OUT OF CONTROL, I’m a jelly donut. (Or whatever. Time for lunch!)

Meanwhile, at the end of the segment, Dr. Travis exhorts me to spend a night with him in the emergency room (Doctor! I’m married!), because THAT is where I will finally come to see how unsafe children are. How I wish I’d responded that if he spent an afternoon with ME at Central Park, he’d see how SAFE it is. Obviously if you are surrounded ONLY by people HEMORRHAGING, you’re getting a very skewed perspective.

Just like anyone watching The Doctors. – L.

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