School District to Spend $2.4 MILLION on Guards? A Mom Protests

Hi Folks — How I appreciate this Wake County, NC, mom trying to fight the outrageously expensive security theater her school district is considering. As this WRAL  article explains:

 The Wake County Board of Education is expected to vote Tuesday on a proposal to put one unarmed security guard at each elementary school in the district.

If approved, the measure would cost $835,000 for three months or nearly $2.4 million for a year for a contract with AlliedBarton Security Services. The company already provides security for some of the schools in the district.

Wake County Public School System is the 16th largest public school district in the country. Here’s what the mom wrote. – L.

Dear School Board representative,

While I was as horrified as the rest of the nation by the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary school, I believe that spending $2.4 million of our already limited school budget on unarmed guards at elementary schools is a waste of resources. What would an unarmed guard have done at Sandy Hook? He likely would have been the first one shot. The tragedy at Sandy Hook was awful and horrific, but it was also an isolated incident. Spending $2.4 million  in reaction to a single incident doesn’t make sense. Spending $2.4 million on unarmed guards who would provide zero protection in the event of a situation like Sandy Hook makes even less sense. Our elementary schools need assistant teachers, copy paper, smaller class sizes, glue sticks, technology in the classrooms, and library books. Spend the $2.4 million on something that aids to the education of students. Please do not approve this proposal which was made as a hasty reaction to the Sandy Hook tragedy. The education of our students needs to come first, not a facade of safety with guards who would never be able to stop a crazy armed gunman anyway.
Thank you,
Parent of two Wake County elementary students and one rising kindergartener
Halt, knee-jerk school board ninnies!

Halt, ye knee-jerk school board ninnies!

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