School May Suspend 5 y.o. for Making a Lego “Gun”

Hi Readers — This just in: A  5-year-old in an after-school program who used his Legos “inappropriately” to  make a gun may be suspended for two weeks — if he does it again.

But as this Fox25 story out of Boston explains, this is no ordinary tot. He is a recidivist, having used his FINGERS to make a gun just a few weeks earlier. So you can see why school officials are so terrified.

Can’t you?

As the principal explained: “While someone might think making a Lego gun is just an action of a 5-year-old, to other 5-year-olds that might be a scary experience.” We certainly don’t want children ever to feel scared, right? Anyone who scares a child ever should be suspended, including kids who pretend to be lions, aliens, pirates and, scariest of all, principals who’ve had their brains sucked out but don’t even realize it. – L

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So as not to frighten any children reading this page, I am using  a peaceful Lego image. (Except for the fact her hands have been chopped off. Maybe the principal caught her making a finger gun.)

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