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lavatory regulations

So I was flying home from L.A. last week and the flight attendant announced, “Due to heightened security, passengers in coach” — yours truly — were expressly forbidden from going to the bathroom that might be closest to us, and required to march to the back instead. Apparently, if we took a few mincing steps forward, bladders full, this could all too easily be construed as rushing the cockpit to execute the pilots and commandeer the plane.


My question: When is security no longer “heightened”? It’s been over a decade since 9/11. Is the answer NEVER? We’re supposed to consider all privvy-pointed passengers as potential terrorists for the rest of our days?

Meekly I walked to the back bathroom and waited in the longish line. Relief came not in the john, however, but here. Knowing I could blog about this never-ending drumbeat of fear and someone might understand. – L.

(Pre) OCCUPIED (with terrorism)

(Pre) OCCUPIED (with terrorism)