The Slippery Slope (Insurance Fears = No More Sledding)

And now, a new feature I think we’ll call the Liability Chronicles, chronicling the way insurance, lawsuits, lawyers and the fear of all three are changing the world. Starting with winter. We are the first generation of hominids to be scared to have normal winter fun. – L.
Dear Free-Range Kids: Our local ski resort, Ski Granby Ranch, used to have this amazing sled hill which anybody of all ages could use.  My husband and I would take our son there all the time over the winter. Well, this year they got rid of it, and here’s the response when I asked about it.  I asked to see how many actual incidents there were, and I’m still waiting for a response.
“After much deliberation, the decision was made to not operate the sledding hill at Ski Granby Ranch. We recognize that the sledding hill was a much liked activity and enjoyed by many. Due to the potential risk to the guests and the associated liability exposure to the company, our legal and insurance counsel recommended we not operate the sledding hill. We are following suit of most other Colorado ski areas in not allowing sledding to ultimately ensure a safe experience for our guests. We share in the collective disappointment of not being able to offer this activity. We do look forward to continuing to offer a snow play area for our younger guests.”
Lenore here. Incredible that everyone’s disappointed, from the patrons to the owners, who clearly sense that they can’t fight their  insurance company. But it’s the phrase “ultimately ensure a safe experience for our guests” that sends a non-winter-induced shiver up my spine. To “ultimately” ensure a safe experience, won’t the resort have to eliminate skiing at some point? Or even parking in a lot where some ice may form? Where does “ultimately” ultimately lead? And the bigger question I must ask, because I truly don’t have the answer, is: How do we stop insurance creep from taking every last eentsy bit of risk out of life, which means taking all the life out of life? – L 

Kindly walk your sled down the hill.

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