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TV Show

My new reality show, World’s Worst Mom (known as Bubble Wrap Kids in Canada) is produced by Cineflix in Toronto. It’s an hour-long, 13-week series airing in much of the world (Latin America, South Africa, England, Italy, Eastern Europe, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Australia, Taiwan, India and parts of Asia), but it is not on in the United States.

Each week I visit a different family, sort of like the Supernanny. Except instead of dealing with out-of-control kids, I deal with out-of-control PARENTS who are so overprotective that they can’t let their kids, aged 8 – 16, do things like walk to school, use the microwave or even play in the front yard.

Suffice to say that by the time they have gone through the four challenges I give them — having their kids go to the grocery, or maybe deliver a day’s worth of newspapers — the parents are so proud of their children that they loosen the reins, grinning. They can’t even remember WHY they’d been so frantically worried.

Here’s a little write-up about the show.