You Can Volunteer at School for HALF AN HOUR without Being Fingerprinted. But After That…

Dear Readers: Here’s a little missive from the frontiers of irrationality, brought to you by a terrified culture and a school in Arizona.


Dear Free-Range Kids: I was shocked when I received this in an email from my daughter’s school: “Mrs. K has informed me that all volunteers must have a fingerprint card prior to volunteering in our schools.  I know there was different information relayed to you all with regards to the fingerprinting matter.  I asked Mrs. K to clarify that for me so that you would be given the correct information.  If you don’t have a fingerprint card but would like to volunteer your time, you may do so as long as you volunteer for no more than half an hour each week.”

So if you ARE a child molester, you can’t commit this horrific act in under 30 minutes?

I am completely offended by this idea that we are all assumed to be criminals until we prove otherwise. In Arizona, where we reside, a fingerprint clearance card costs $65. This may not be a lot to some families, but I happen to know a lot of families that this fee would be a hardship for. We wouldn’t want POOR PEOPLE volunteering at our schools now, would we???
To add insult to injury, the only way one will be allowed to volunteer is to attend a meeting with Mrs. K, scheduled at the very convenient time of 10am-11:15. Now we don’t want poor people or those neglectful, working parents either.
Jen Wagner, Green Valley, AZ
Volunteer fast and get outta here!

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