Dad on Foot Arrested for Refusing to Wait in Line of Cars to Get Kids

Readers — This is a strange and upsetting video about a dad in Tennessee who walked to the local school to pick up his kids — 8 and 14 — and was told he had to wait in the line of cars (or at least, wait as LONG as the parents in cars) to get them. As he was on foot, this made no sense, a point he argued with the police officer at the school who, as you’ll see, then put the dad in handcuffs and drove him off in the police car.

As bizarre as this incident is, to me it highlights two things:

1 – The fact that car pick-up is, at least in some places, becoming so normal, that any OTHER method picking up the kids seems dangerous or at least bizarre. It is absolutely outside the social norms.

2 – When we have a police presence in the schools, the ordinary sturm und drang of the day escalates into arrests.

Here is the video and here’s the site that has the whole story.

I hope the arrest is dropped and I hope the school reviews its pick-up procedures, as well as how it treats parents and kids who feel that once the school day is over, neither the school nor the police get to dictate how they go about their lives, if they’re not hurting anyone. – L

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