Mom of Allergic Student Sues School for Serving Eggs, Milk

Readers: I’m sure if my kid were deathly allergic, I would be  a wreck. Even so, I’m pretty positive I would not expect a whole school to stop serving milk and eggs — two staples — just for my child’s sake. This is what Philip Howard talks about in his book, Life Without Lawyers: the way we have gone from pushing for civil rights for whole groups (African-Americans, women, gays, etc.),  to the “right” of a single individual to be surrounded by an accommodating world, no matter what the cost to the common good. It’s a fascinating way to start thinking about society, by the way: What rights DO individuals have, when they infringe upon the group? And that being said: What do you think of this story from Canada’s National Post

School faces human rights complaint over student’s egg, dairy allergy

by Sarah Boesveld

A Hamilton, Ont., mother has filed a human rights complaint against her daughter’s elementary school, claiming it discriminated against the six-year-old for failing to accommodate her life-threatening allergy to eggs and dairy.

The case, which seeks to ban milk products and eggs from her daughter’s school, comes at a tense time for parents and school boards struggling to meet the safety needs of some students without putting out the rest, and as the Canadian Human Rights Code expands to include “invisible” disabilities.

Last September, Lynne Glover pulled her daughter, Elodie, out of Grade 1 at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Elementary School after more than two years of trying to work with staff on a strategy that would keep allergens away from her daughter.

While she was assured the school would do everything it took to keep Elodie safe, the school continued to run its milk and snack program, which handed out puddings, yogurts and cheese, and hold bake sales and pizza days. She was excluded from many a fun day and BBQ.

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If we accommodate every allergy, will there be any acceptable foods left?

If we accommodate every allergy, will there be any acceptable foods left?


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