A WATER BOTTLE in a CAR? That Is Crazy Dangerous!

America is suffering from a terrifying syndrome: IHOSFO — It Happened Once, So FREAK OUT. Only IHOSFO explains today’s MSN Headline: Why you should never leave plastic water bottles in a hot car Ok, MSN: Why shouldn’t you do this thing that I’m guessing about 200,000,000 people are doing right now, seeing as it’s August? […]

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Hard to find a "Say Yes to Bullies" t-shirt.

A Question About What is Considered Bullying

Hi All! I have a friend doing research on bullying. His question(s): Has any minor incident been classified as “bullying” at your school? If so, what was it and how was it dealt with? Frankly, I’m curious too. No one is in favor of bullying. (Note: political discussions are for other blogs!) But neither is […]

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Maybe he can wait a year before joining the travel team?

The Case Against Starting Serious Soccer Lessons Too Soon

Money, time, car travel, lack of free play: There are a lot of costs to starting soccer ultra-soon, ultra-seriously. This post is excerpted from a much longer one sent to us by Jon Mikelonis, father of boys 11 and 9. He writes, “My wife is from Brasilia. We reside in Northern Nevada. I am an […]

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I'll race you to the drinking fountain!

19 Is the New 60, When It Comes to Activity Levels

A recent Johns Hopkins study found that today’s kids are so inactive that by the time they reach 19 they have the activity level of 60-year-olds. I have a piece in today’s Wall Street Journal, “19 is the New 60,” looking at childhood sluggishness and making one blindingly simple suggestion. But first off: Why are kids so […]

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Chief, the guide dog for my husband's father, photographed, bizarrely enough, by Arnold H Crane, an artist whose photos are at

Non-Coddled Puppies Grow Up to be Best Guide Dogs

Woof woof woof! Er…I mean, chew on this: A study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the way a puppy’s mother raises it may be the key to the dog’s success, or failure. A research team at the University of Pennsylvania found that puppies destined for guide dog training are more likely to […]

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brainwash brain

Brainwashed into Believing Things are Bad

This is a topic covered often by commenter Donald Christensen, who points out that repetition turns into belief. So when the media repeat the same type of stories day after day — murder! kidnapping! danger, danger, danger! — our brains soak it up and eventually incorporate it as “The way things are.” This brilliant short […]

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