Are American parents the laughingstock of Europe?

European vs. American Parenting: You May Be Embarrassed

. Is all European parenting like this? Probably not. I hear of helicopter tendencies creeping in. Nor are all American children on leashes. And yet, there IS a cultural difference and this video — so simple, hence so powerful — packs a punch. It seems to be attracting another one million views each day. How I […]

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Turns out this is not a lethal weapon. It's a swing.

A School Decides to Keep its “Dangerous” Swing

Teacher Tom — “Teaching and learning from preschoolers” — is a joy to read, especially in this case, where we find him bravely confronting that modern day terror: A swing. You may recall that Richland and Spokane Washington school districts both phased out their swingsets. As a spokesman for the Richland district explained at the […]

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Watch out for monsters...and schools that encourage hypersensitivity.

Preschool Bans Cartoon Monster Pants as “Too Scary”

From our friends in England where the collective upper lip is not quite as stiff as it once was, comes tale of a preschooler who was barred from wearing a certain pair of cute pants because of the cartoon monsters on them. Apparently another child had found them too scary. Scarier than a school banning […]

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Hurry! His hand is going to freeze off!

“Your Baby Looks Cold. Please Leave the Football Game”

This wonderful, rousing piece by Rachel Lu at The Federalist had ME trembling. (Not shivering! Trembling.) It’s titled, “Stop Siccing the Police on Me If My Kids Don’t Wear Coats For 20 Seconds,” and begins: The envelope trembled in my hands as I slowly broke the seal. This was it. Even when you know it’s coming, […]

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Mommy! Save me from this pointless, alarmist Public Service Announcement!

Worst Public Service Announcement Ever?

This public service announcement tells you not to abandon your toddler in the park, even if you’re having a bad day. Because…this is such a pervasive problem? . Here’s what Ellie Lee, director of the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent, has to say: How can any responsible public service organisation […]

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