A crossing guard in 1938, when kids, not adults, shepherded students across the street.

4-Year-Olds Are Ready for the World!

You might not be ready to let your 4-year-old go out and meet the world, but developmentally, they’re ready to do just that, writes Let Grow co-founder Peter Gray, here. In earlier eras, they started crossing the street at that age, and playing outside with their friends. It’s not ancient history!

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unsplash mom and baby up close

The Exacting, Exhausting Expectations of Parenting Today

If the expectation is for moms to breastfeed exclusively, make their own baby food and always be playing with, reading to, or watching their kids, something is wrong. Not with those activities, with the expectation. Discuss! (Here, at Let Grow.) . . Photo from Unsplash by Oleg Sergeichik@kpebedko_o.

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