More Meitiv family distrust.

Meitivs Face a New Battle at School, And So Do Other Maryland Families

. Danielle Meitiv, the Free-Range mom investigated by Child Protective Services twice for the unconscionable crime of letting her kids walk home from the park in  Silver Spring, Maryland, has a new paranoid entity to deal with: The Montgomery County School District. Starting this year, every parent who wants to volunteer, even for a one-shot […]

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What happens when someone else gets to dictate how we raise our kids.

My Daycare Refused to Swaddle My Son, Due to Regulations

. No Child Left Alone: Getting the government out of parenting is the seriously great title of a new (and first!) book by  journalist Abby Schachter. It begins with this story: Do you want to see government operating as if it can and should raise your kids for you? Try enrolling your child in state-licensed daycare. […]

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Wiil this elephant turn this family's day into a disaster? (OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA)

Is Reading this Article Going to Put You in Terrible Danger?

. Wow! I had not heard of Betteridge’s Law. But after my post about the “dangers” of kids overheating in bounce houses, a reader named Richard sent this comment, which I very much appreciate! Always remember Betteridge’s Law:  Any headline that asks a yes-or-no question rather than making a statement can be answered “No.” “Do Inflatable […]

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