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I Let My Kids Go to the Library Without Me

I remember loving the library like a second, more-exciting home. The children’s room was fun, but the Junior High Room? Aladdin’s cave! And the adult room? Studio 54!

Or so it seemed to 13-year-old me.

These three siblings seem to be following the same path. If you are a fan of kids — or kids’ spelling — you will love their reflections on their first solo walk to the library, and what they got there. This story comes to us from Holly Grant. She and partner Lenny are teachers raising their kids in Syracuse, New York. She writes —

Hi! Mom of four in an urban neighborhood. The library is about half of a mile from our home. My 8 year old son insisted on me letting him walk to the library. I let [him] go with his siblings. Here’s what happened in their own words:

“I am 9 years old. My siblings and I walked to the library by ourselves. First we had to talk it over with our parents. We were going to check out books about Scottish Clans, dragons, sharks, and horses. The librarian helped me look at the shelves, but there weren’t any books that interested me. Then we walked home. I want to walk back and find a book about something else.”


“I am 8 years old. I walked to the libary with my sisters. It was Fun! the libaryin help me pick out a book of sharks. I read half of it when I got home. I have to return it by April 19.”


“I am six. I woct to the librarey with Josie and Henry and I got jragin books. I woct home and I red it and I love it. It wos a blast and next time I will get mor books. Maby we will stop by and we will get ice cream.” — she then asked if her siblings could walk her to a friend’s house for a playdate next weekend

I told my 93 year old neighbor about their adventure, and she said to me, “You have to let them grow.” Her comment reminded me about that time I saw Lenore speak at Sphere Summit Summer 2023 and thought to share.

Holly Grant

Lenore here again: Want your child to start doing new things? Download Let Grow’s free Independence Kit. It’s a “home version” of our “Let Grow Experience” for schools (also free!).


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  1. Dave April 26, 2024 at 3:39 pm #

    My grandson and his friends lived at the library all through junior. It wasxthe place to go alone after school. I