A New Take on Stranger Danger

Hi Readers — This made my day!

Dear Free-Range Kids: Thought I would share a conversation I overheard today at my daughter’s school.  I went to pick up my 6 year old from her after school program and arrived just in time to hear her speaking to a friend and the friend’s mother.  I didn’t hear the beginning of the chat, but did hear her say (with emphasis!): “No, no, you’re SUPPOSED to TALK to strangers, you just don’t GO anywhere with them!  Like, I mean, until today I never met YOU (referring to the friend’s mother), but you would think I was rude if I didn’t talk to you, ’cause you’re Amy’s Mom.”  The mother in question was silent for several long seconds.  And then had the good sense and good grace to say, “Huh.  I hadn’t thought of it that way.”  She and I then proceeded to have a lovely chat about Free-Range parenting.

My daughter learned that lesson from me, through you!  Her school also subscribes to the same view.  The principal once described having a police officer come in to the school on “community helper” day and being struck by the irony of having this person the kids had never met teach “stranger danger.”  She describes it as an “Aha!” moment.

Aha! — Toronto Mom

Aha on this end too! – L


Wrong. Just don't go OFF with them.

Wrong! Just don’t go OFF with them.


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