A Sandy Hook Statue from a Community in Canada? What Good Does this Do Anyone?

Hey Readers — A Canadian policeman wants to create what sounds like a horrible Sandy Hook memorial complete with life-size statues of the murder victims, and ship it off to Newtown. As he told The Star Phoenix, “This could be us saying we care.” 

I don’t question his sincerity or intentions. I do question how  this could possibly help anyone anywhere with anything. (Except if he hires an otherwise unemployed sculptor.) In fact, I find the dedication of time and money to a gesture like this actually disturbing. It reminds me of the days after 9/11, when communities around the world sent tons of donations to the schools closest to Ground Zero — more than those schools could handle. At the same time, New York City schools far from Ground Zero, in, say, The Bronx, were still limping along, forgotten as always, because their problems were chronic, not dramatic.

The reader who sent me the article put it best, so here goes. – L.


Dear Free-Range Kids: This article from my local newspaper makes me feel a little bit sick to my stomach.  Obviously Sandy Hook was a terrible tragedy and I don’t mean to downplay how awful it was, but I don’t understand why people in my community are putting so much effort and money into making sure they contribute to remembering the victims.  Our city and province is full of incredibly underprivileged children dealing with terrible circumstances every day – why not put that money and effort into programs that help to remove the daily horrors from these kids’ lives, instead of dwelling on Sandy Hook?  Are we so ignorant about the problems in or own city that the most meaningful thing we can put our money towards is memorializing this incident? The fact that this man is a police officer is especially concerning because he would see first hand all the horrible things that happen to local kids on a daily basis.  My mind is boggled, quite frankly.  - Saskatchewan Gal

Some memorials make sense!

Some memorials make sense!


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