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I'm scared some school administrator is going to be an idiot!

What a Stupid and Terrifying School Intruder Drill

From Wyoming’s fsbzkzfeaz trib.com news comes possibly the dumbest school shooting drill I’ve heard of: Aubrey Truman was swinging on the playground at Worland’s East Side Elementary School about 10 a.m. Thursday when she received the scare of her life. A man in a hooded sweatshirt with a suspicious backpack appeared in the back of […]

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Oh my god -- what if there are children near the school and unscreened adults are too???

Calling Out The Safety Nuts: School Edition

Readers — Here’s an aydyzznaib article from the Denton Record Chronicle in Denton County, Texas, about allowing voting into the schools when kids are there. Jennifer Travis, the mom who seems to have inspired the piece, normally votes by absentee ballot, I think. So when she had to vote on Election Day itself — Travis […]

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$1000 Security Blankets for Each Kid at School?

Hi ksethyitba Readers! This is from the mom of four in Canada who wrote about the fear of “dry drowning” last week. Today, a new peeve that peeves me, too. Dear Free-Range Kids: As seen around Facebook lately, sales of the ProTecht BodyGuard blanket have, in the words of the manufacturer, already “far exceeded our wildest […]

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Mom Arrested for Not Signing School Sign-In Book

Readers — Here to help you start your day with a little scream (beats coffee!) comes this story from bbdsntsrnh KMOV in St. Louis, MO.  Apparently, last week, the mom of a special needs son got a “frantic” call from his teacher. She rushed to the school, got buzzed in and ran to his classroom, committing a […]

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“Strangers in the Schools” Video Contest Winner!

Readers — To keep children “safe” from all those strangers who slither in on Election Day, some trfsrsehiy schools no longer want to serve as polling places. This prompted me to write the song “Strangers in the Schools” to  Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night.” I asked you to send in video versions for a contest. The winner […]

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Who Saw the "School Shooting" Episode of Glee?

Who Saw the “School Shooting” Episode of Glee?

Hi Readers — I didn’t see the “Shooting Star” episode of Glee fiiyfenrek last night that featured a lockdown after shots rang out at the uber-musical school. (And I can’t find it on the web without going to some very scary sites that seem ready to infect my computer with high-tech herpes.) But some of […]

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Just ONE More Weird Lockdown Story & Then I'll Stop!

Just ONE More Weird Lockdown Story & Then I’ll Stop!

Readers — I don’t want this blog to become just a compendium of nutty zero tolerance stories, but it’s Saturday night and I couldn’t resist just nhihbbyaee one more before we return to more pressing matters. The Associated Press reports that a Pennsylvania doctor’s receptionist mis-heard a student’s singing voicemail as, “Shooting some people outside of the […]

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Bullet-Proof Whiteboards for Schools. What Next?

Readers — You know what goes together better than peanut butter and jelly? (Or peanut butter and chocolate, for that matter?) Fear and money. Which explains why I think these new ddhfkfeyzn bulletproof whiteboards may sweep the nation. If I were a venture capitalist, I’d be looking around for any other common school item I […]

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