A Stranger Moves into the Neighborhood — And Changes Things

Hey Readers — One of the things we talk about here is distrust of strangers, and of men in particular. This amazing story about an unmarried man in his late 30s moving into what sounds like a “family” neighborhood is so wonderful that all I can say is: Read it. And also: Let’s try to do something like this in our own lives: Connect.

And here I have to brag. The other night, my younger son, now 15,  was coming home from a Mets game by (what else?) subway. He and his friends had stayed so late, they were still around when one of the clean-up crew was disposing of a snack stand’s leftover popcorn in a giant bag. The boys asked if they could have it, and the guy said, “Yeah, if you don’t tell anyone who gave it to you.”

So they got on the subway with this giant bag of popcorn…and started handing it out! At maybe 10:30 p.m. And they had so much fun, they skipped their stop and rode to the end of the line, just so they could hang out with the  popcorn-eating friends they’d made.

Let’s hear it for connecting. – L.

Want to connect with strangers? Start popping by (or start by popping)!


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