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Caution: Disgruntlement ahead.

Should You Give Your Subway Seat to a Kid?

This wonderful azkftbshtn essay  by Stephanie Fairyington states it baldly: Why have we decided that adults should give their seats to children, rather than vice versa? On the blog CityLab, she writes of a recent New York City subway trip with her friend: [We] were on a Brooklyn-bound D train when a family boarded with […]

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The "Subway Rider" back in the day. (Now he's 17.)

What IS Free-Range Parenting? A Primer from the CBC

. This is a lovely piece about Free-Range Kids from the CBC (Canada’s public broadcasting station). Couldn’t have said it better myself: . . Note: ihhyknzazr Your child does not HAVE to look like my son Izzy to go Free-Range…even though the kid the CBC found sure does!

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People who meet and talk to people are the happiest people in the world. Or at least on Chicago transit.

Don’t Be a Stranger

Readers byrhyfebiz —  Here’s hoping this piece from yesterday’s New York Times starts  a trend: Talk to the stranger next to you and have a nice day. Really — you WILL have a nicer day: Hello, Stranger By ELIZABETH DUNN and MICHAEL NORTON If you’ve ever been on a subway or public bus, you know the rules. Don’t […]

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A Stranger Moves into the Neighborhood -- And Changes Things

A Stranger Moves into the Neighborhood — And Changes Things

Hey Readers — One of the things we talk about here is distrust of strangers, and of men in particular. This tdnhzdbhyh amazing story about an unmarried man in his late 30s moving into what sounds like a “family” neighborhood is so wonderful that all I can say is: Read it. And also: Let’s try […]

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Think back on all the fun YOU had...and give it to your kids.

How to Start Free-Ranging! (With Help from “Ask Amy”)

Hi Readers — I give you today’s “Ask Amy” column titled, “Kids, sbifsfaryk Like Chicken, Should Be Free-Range.” THANK YOU, AMY! Read her sage advice and then take the Free-Range Kids Challenge of the Weekend: Dear Amy:My wife and I think it might be a good idea to let our 10-year-old son explore the city in which […]

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When My Daughter Didn't Want to Hold My Hand Anymore

When My Daughter Didn’t Want to Hold My Hand Anymore

Hey edtedirbke Readers — Just a little note about how kids surprise us all the time, when we let them. – L. . Dear Lenore: Just heard you on the CBC (Canada’s NPR). Here’s my anecdote of awareness: . Concerned for my Grade 6 (age 11) daughter’s safety, I insisted on her holding my hand […]

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Criminally Confident in Our Kids

Hi dzrreethkh Readers — Here’s my syndicated column from last week. Sorry it took me to long to get to the Tennessee bike rider story. Got overwhelmed by other stuff. Here goes! – L CALLING ALL COPS…OFF So, a mom in Tennessee, Teresa Tryon, has been told by the police that she was wrong to allow […]

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The “Worst Place on Earth” To Lose Track of a Baby?

Readers — This nsydbdakaf is a non-story about a mom who got her baby’s stroller onto the D.C. metro but then the doors closed before she could get on. Ritual infant sacrifice time? Surprisingly, no. Instead, the strangers gathered round the (sleeping) baby, alerted the authorities and got the stroller off at the next stop, […]

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Subway Death

Dear Readers — It is with terrible sadness I report the death of a woman at about 3:45 this afternoon on the New York subway…at the station my sons use to come home from school.  At that very time. My younger son, the famous subway rider, got there just as the cops were sending people […]

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