A Terrorist Hijacking Drill on a School Bus — Complete With SWAT Team “Rescue”

Folks — If you felt like you were living in a kind of sane country, take a peek at this:


Yes, it’s a terrorist drill on a school bus.

I truly could not understand from this report (or Googling) if the students knew the attack was fake or not. They probably did, or just imagine the lawsuits. Nonetheless, it is nothing less than bizarre that while they were being “hijacked,” school administrators and sundry responsible adults sat in folding chairs in a parking lot across town watching a big-screen live feed of the event.

And then, as the audience watched, into that lot drove — the bus! A waiting SWAT team took over, puncturing the bus tire and “liberating” the hostages.

All this in a town of under 7000, on one of the safest forms of transportation known to man. As one of the students getting off the bus said: “It feels good to know that when this does happen, there are people there to stop it.

When this DOES happen? Please. It’s like preparing for the day a flaming meteor DOES land in the lunch line.  Here’s my guess as to what DID happen. A 2006 CNN story reported:

School bus drivers around the country are being trained to be the eyes and ears on the road and to watch for potential terrorists, in a program financed by the Homeland Security Department. 

Designers of the program, called School Bus Watch, want to turn 600,000 drivers into an army of observers….

The new effort is part of Highway Watch, a safety program run by the American Trucking Association and financed since 2003 with $50 million from Homeland Security.

Fifty million dollars? That’s a lot of ski masks. How can YOU get some of this dough? If you can say, truthfully or not, that you really think your town needs to prepare for the day a terrorist boards a school bus,  I’d guess you’re in the running for a piece of the terrorists-are-everywhere pie.

Terrifying. – L

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