Help Needed: Add to This Funny (but Sad) Poster

Readers — Donald Christensen, a longtime Free-Range supporter, deep thinker about encouragement, and author of the blog,  came up with a great idea: Let’s make a then-vs.-now poster with all the modern-day things we say to kids to keep them “safe”… that really just depress, demoralize or defeat them. Woo hoo!

Add on to this list!

Add on to this list!

Now, I realize this poster can be hard to read on a screen, so here’s what’s on it so far:


1980:                                                                            2014

If you get lost, ask a stranger for help           Be suspicious of everyone

You can ride your bike to school                   Don’t trust strangers

Let’s play dodge ball                                      No bomb dives

Come inside when the street lights                No running

come on

You CAN do it                                                 You CAN’T do it


The rest of the poster asks for your suggestions! So…suggest! – L.


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