Is TV News Going…Sane? Free-Range Kids on Two Bizarrely Rational TV Shows Last Week

Hi Folks! Last week was a double-header media week for Free-Range Kids. First KTRK, the ABC affiliate in Houston, did a story on the movement and  the reporter, Ilona Carson, totally got it: Our goal  is not to put kids in danger, it’s to put danger in perspective. Wait’ll you see how Ilona wraps up the piece by comparing other childhood dangers to the chances of a kid being kidnapped. I never saw that on any news show before! Her piece is right below.

Below that is an interview I did with Sun News TV in Canada about the mom who wants the local school to cut down its oak trees out of consideration to allergic kids. The host, Anthony Furey, really gave me a chance to speak and was also on the side of common sense. What a week!


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