Weirdest School Reaction to Sandy Hook Yet

Hi Readers — A few posts back, I asked you to send in the changes, if any, your schools were making in the wake of Sandy Hook. This one is the strangest. – L

Dear Free-Range Kids: I heard from a friend today who went to her first grader’s holiday concert. Not only were they required to sign in, but they had to turn in their car keys in the office! What the heck? What on earth did that accomplish except a huge headache for the admins working in the office?

What the heck is all I can say about those administrators, too. Well, also: How dare they? And what’s their point? And I hope they feel a whole lot safer, now that they’ve punished all the parents for attending the holiday concert by CAR, just like a terrorist would! – L.

Children won’t be safe until parents have to ask the principal for their keys back.

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