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A man helped a boy get the ball that went over the fence. What a menace to humanity!

Man Helps Boy Whose Ball Went Over Fence. Now Police Are Looking for Him

. Alexandria, VA: From a country gone crazy with mandemonium (pandemonium sparked by seeing a man near a child) comes this all points bulletin, below. Notice that while “At no time did the unknown man attempt to leave the area with the child,” the police nonetheless give a detailed description of the suspect…er…Samaritan…er…suspect.  And they […]

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Is this the aftermath of a crime?

Crossing Guard Ordered to Not “High Five” Students

Canadian school crossing guards who high-five students have been ordered to stop this obviously super-dangerous practice. According to GlobalNews: Kevin tydyabknbb Jones, Peterborough’s manager of transportation, said the city is standing by its policy that bans any sort of physical interaction between crossing guards and the children. “Their main priority is to monitor traffic, to […]

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An active shooter drill. (Not the one at the school, for photo rights issues.)

School Shooter Sensors: Like Smoke Alarms, But For Bullets

Readers rsbynnykaa — Schools shootings are rare and random. They are also horrifying. When we hear about one, joy  drains out of life for a while. It is into that vacuum that “solutions” rush in. The latest is a system of censors that supposedly can identify where a shot is coming from, should a madman […]

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Oh my god -- what if there are children near the school and unscreened adults are too???

Calling Out The Safety Nuts: School Edition

Readers — Here’s an aydyzznaib article from the Denton Record Chronicle in Denton County, Texas, about allowing voting into the schools when kids are there. Jennifer Travis, the mom who seems to have inspired the piece, normally votes by absentee ballot, I think. So when she had to vote on Election Day itself — Travis […]

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School District’s 800 Security Cameras Not Enough, Says Expert

  Readers rftzbzzezy — Here’s a note to us about excessive  school security: Dear Free-Range Kids: A local retired police office has written a book on how he thinks schools should prevent mass shootings. Tucson News Now Of course the author includes a chapter on what he feels schools should be doing to prevent mass shootings. […]

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Climb me!

Kids Protest Safety Rule at School

A rfsbksfbii little child (or two) shall lead us!   Tamati Sagar and Aaron Jones (both 10) love climbing trees, but the practice is banned for safety reasons. The duo surveyed all the school’s parents and found about 90% of them were in favor of allowing their children to climb trees during break times. The […]

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Worrying about kids is our national pastime.

Treating All Children As Vulnerable and in Danger

Readers, fstseabhak this comes to us from my friend and mentor Nancy McDermott. Nancy writes for the online journal Spiked and is an associate with the Centre for Parenting Culture Studies at the University of Kent. Here she is responding to my wondering why so many Americans don’t think children should play at the park […]

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No adult involvement needed.

The School Picnic That Didn’t Go According to Plan

Worth iathinkith reading, and even bringing to your next PTA meeting: Dear Free-Range Kids: I felt compelled to write you a little note, today, as I have a confession to make. For the past two years, I’ve been in charge of the picnic at my son’s school, here in Winnipeg. Last year, I followed the […]

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