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Roses are red, blood is, too. Schools aren't safe and neither are you! (Photo:

A School Valentine…About Lockdown Procedures

If teanbznaen this isn’t a 2014 Valentine, I don’t know what is. (See below.) This is a real email a reader got from her kid’s school and it hits every button, from lockdowns, to valentine-and-candy policy, to police involvement, to absolutely confounding instructions. (I have highlighted the sentence I don’t understand AT ALL in green). […]

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“Strangers in the Schools” Video Contest Winner!

Readers — To keep children “safe” from all those strangers who slither in on Election Day, some trfsrsehiy schools no longer want to serve as polling places. This prompted me to write the song “Strangers in the Schools” to  Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night.” I asked you to send in video versions for a contest. The winner […]

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Who would possibly allow their kid to spend 45 minutes at a school party with NON-VETTED adults in a town like this???

Dear Parents, Please Come to Our 45-Min Class Party…With Your Background Check

Hi Readers! It’s that festive, super-suspicious time of the year, as evidenced by this invite, from the Riverside Intermediate School in Fishers, Indiana. You know — 2011′s Safest City in America. I guess it’s filled with the kind of upstanding citizens who need to be vetted by the state police before helping with kids’ class […]

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Why is school pick-up treated like a maximum security prison exercise?

“Pick-Up” Insanity at an Ordinary Suburban School

Today’s zhznyryrnb post comes to us from Reilly Capps, a writer in Denver finishing a book about couch surfing, which, he notes, “involves lots of trusting complete strangers.” Trust is not this school’s forte. — L. Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m not a parent, only an uncle, but today a question presented itself at my niece’s new […]

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