7 Reasons to Say YES to Sleepovers!

Readers — The “No Sleepover” article I just posted about inspired these lovely comments from you. Enjoy. – L

Good reasons to say Yes to Sleepovers (by “Albert”)

1. Your kids will get a chance to practice the manners you teach – it’s no good if they don’t, right?
2. Your kids will get to do and try different things – food, games, travel, etc. they may not otherwise, which is all part of making it a treat, yes? If it’s good for you, why isn’t it good for them??
3. Your kids will make new friends, and so will you, if you behave yourself.
4. Your kids will get to learn social boundaries and custom – how to behave in someone else’s house, car, etc. is different than behaving at home – and they only way to learn that is “on the road”.
5. You and your kids will have a chance to unwind and relax, away from the constant attention of each other.
6. You and your kids will be on the path of mutual trust, which has to start early.
7. Your kids will HAVE FUN.  That’s what’s its about. THEM HAVING FUN.

***    And a summary of the “No Sleepover” points, by CR Moewes    ***

AAAAAA.. I can’t keep reading that article my head will explode. But to save other people I will summarize the 9 slides

1. Things are different now (so if you did sleep overs and are normal your experience doesn’t invalidate our assumptions)

2. The kids will be too tired the next day from staying up all night. And your house will be dirty…. except that since there was no sleep over (or maybe it’s ok to host one, but then who would come over since you woulnd’t let your kids play with someone whose parents would let them sleep over) how is your house gonna get dirty.

3. Some kids aren’t ready for sleep overs so no one should have sleep overs.

4. You don’t like/trust some parents so you should just not let any sleep overs happen rather than explain to your kids that some things are ok and some things aren’t.

5. This seems like a repeat of #2 but instead of just a sleepy kid you will wind up with a stupid kid because one night of sleeping over will leave them so exhausted they will fall behind in their school work.

6. They might watch or hear something that you don’t approve of. Movies, TV,  etc. If they are at someone else’s house they may experience something outside the controlled environment you have at home.

7. They might do somehitng else you don’t approve…. i.e. DRUGS!!!! bumbumbuuummmm. Because since you can’t select whose house they sleep over at (see #4, all-or-nothing) you will have to let them sleep over at the neighborhood crack-mamas house and you know what that means.

8. Rape and Molestation… ‘nuf said here.

9. But it’s your call…. if you love your kids, you will not allow any sleep overs, but that’s only if you really love them… like we do our kids, so you decide for yourself.

And what if kids are allergic to pillows? Or each other? Or air? Did you think about THAT??? (Illus by waterwriter144, at Deviant Art)

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