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Nashua, NH (back in the uncopyrighted photos day).

A Summertime Bus for Kids to the Pool and Library?

Let’s hear it for Nashua, NH, a child-friendly city indeed!  Take note, all ye urbanists, city planners, and mayors: Look at how simple a summer-changing, childhood changing idea can be. Nashua is giving kids the gift of transit — and trust. According to the Nashua Patch: The city of Nashua will launch a summer recreation […]

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bike break

A Remote Control Brake for Your Kid’s Bike?

Readers — Add this to the ever-longer list of items that start from the assumption that kids are in constant danger so parents must be in constant control: \ \ Needless to say (perhaps) I am dismayed by this device, not only because it gives kids the wrong impression — “I don’t have to learn to […]

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Does Car Slowing Down = “Attempted Kidnapping”?

Readers — This story is headlined, “Attempted kidnapping caught on tape!” but…was it? I’m glad the girl is safe but does a slowing car really equal = “kidnap threat”? Unless there’s more to this story than what we see here, it strikes me as bizarre that everyone is acting as if the girl somehow only […]

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How to Vanquish "Mom Guilt" and Raise a Free-Range Kid

How to Vanquish “Mom Guilt” and Raise a Free-Range Kid

Readers — This story speaks for itself (as does the son!). It comes to us from Aimee Turner, who says she and her husband are “happy to know we aren’t alone in the fight against BWCS: Bubble-Wrapped Child Syndrome.” She blogs at The Maine Page Turner . - L. Dear Free-Range Kids:This summer, instead of going […]

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Don't Let a Tragedy Make Us Stupid

Don’t Let a Tragedy Make Us Stupid

Hi Readers — Security guru Bruce Schneier (author of  “Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust That Society Needs to Thrive,”) is so right about a whole lot of things, including the fact that we should almost ignore what’s on the news when it comes to making both policy and personal decisions. Why? Because the news is […]

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Furor — and Aftermath — Over Suspension of Biking Students

Hi Readers! Quite a few of you sent in this story, now gone viral, about the high school principal who suspended upward of 6o students for their “prank” — a mass bike ride to school. As WOOD TV reported: Seniors called police for an escort, and even called Walker’s mayor, who rode in the parade. […]

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