Oh Yes, Mr. Marketer, We are ALL Afraid Our Kids Will Be Snatched

From My Mailbox:

Dear Blogger: We’ve all seen or heard of the hit movie “Taken” starring the beloved Liam Neeson, where his daughter is kidnapped upon arrival to Europe without a single trace as to where she might have disappeared. Ever since, this movie has given nightmares to parents and travelers alike who can’t anticipate whether they might be the next to be snatched up. What if travelers could be tracked internationally and have access to a phone with an international data plan at their fingertips?

Darned if that wasn’t EXACTLY the question I was asking myself: What if MY child suffers the exact same fate as the kid in an action movie? For that very same reason I am not letting them go to any island where they are cloning dinosaurs for a theme park, and there is NO WAY I am letting them befriend any half-humans from the future. Sorry, I can’t anticipate whether my kid might be the next victim! Thank GOD some company understands this pressing concern and has been kind enough to come up with a solution I can keep at my fingertips.

Because if this can happen to the beloved Liam Neeson, WHO, among us, is safe? – L

Liam Neeson's fictional child was snatched so MINE must be next!

Liam Neeson’s fictional child was snatched so MINE must be next!


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