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Thank you, Free-Range Kids!

“Free-Range Kids is a Dream Come True for Pedophiles”

Readers — After we questioned the wisdom of a ddffbdfybe TV talk show psychologist who told Boston viewers to only let kids out in “short spurts” and then only once they reach age 11, the aggrieved psychologist posted a link to this blog, which I hadn’t seen before. I’ll give you just a taste: Lenore Skenazy’s […]

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Liam Neeson's fictional child was snatched so MINE must be next!

Oh Yes, Mr. Marketer, We are ALL Afraid Our Kids Will Be Snatched

From My Mailbox: Dear Blogger: We’ve all seen or heard of the hit movie “Taken” starring the beloved Liam Neeson, where his daughter is kidnapped upon arrival to Europe without a single trace as to where she might have disappeared. Ever since, this movie has given nightmares to parents and travelers alike who can’t anticipate […]

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Can I hold you this way till you're about 37?

Does More WORRY = More LOVE?

Readers zthazabeab — This is a fantastic essay from Parents, by Kara Corridan, the magazine’s health editor. Read the whole thing here.  – L Worry Doesn’t Equal Love by Kara Corridan Lately I’ve felt as though I’m part of a competition I didn’t enter. It’s called “Who Loves Her Child More?” And I seem to be […]

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