Prosthetic Leg Prompts Pedophile Panic at Pool (and funny comments)

Readers — When kids are going through their scared-of-the-dark phase, they see the chair and think it’s a monster. And when adults are going through their “Everyone is out to get our children” phase —  (From The Daily Mirror.)

Children were evacuated from a swimming pool amid fears of a pervert in the changing rooms – only to discover the alarm was caused by a false leg.

Staff spotted a foot sticking out from under a cubicle as primary school pupils got changed after a swimming lesson.

… But when [teachers] opened the changing room door they saw the suspected pervert was a prosthetic leg innocently left by a disabled man while he went for a swim. 

[The head of the school said,] “One of the members of staff had seen it, and we quickly moved the children out, and everything was dealt with in accordance with school policy.”

Best comments (from this site, which picked up the story):

“…everything was dealt with in accordance with school policy.” They have a school policy that says if you find a prosthetic leg you should assume it is really a paedophile and evacuate the pool?!

If I saw someone’s leg sticking out from a cubicle my first thought would be to see if they were alright, they might have collapsed.

Typical “Knee-jerk” (sorry) reaction that is happening too often today. In the past, the pool staff would have checked the foot before getting the kids out!

Not the actual suspicious leg. But you get the idea. (Photo from Clints Work)

Not the suspicious limb in question. But you get the idea. (Photo from Clints Work)

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