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Those poor doomed children who live in Bloomsburg, PA.

Please PLEASE Do Not Publish Photos of Local Children!

Readers eniesfanrb — This is just a fascinating artifact from the world of Worst-First thinking, where folks believe today’s children are completely besieged by criminal masterminds (or at least the last of the phonebook users)  who are driven in equal measures by rank evil and a love of intensive research. It ran as a letter […]

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Fearing the front lawn.

The Death of Hailey Owens and the Fear It Strikes

How should the tragic news of a 10-year-old Hailey Owens’ abduction and murder change us? For sakkiredtk me, it will mean feeling sickeningly sad for her and her family.  And beyond that, it will mean a call for… Nothing. Not more laws protecting kids — there are already laws against murder. Not more police on […]

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“Strangers in the Schools” Video Contest Winner!

Readers — To keep children “safe” from all those strangers who slither in on Election Day, some trfsrsehiy schools no longer want to serve as polling places. This prompted me to write the song “Strangers in the Schools” to  Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night.” I asked you to send in video versions for a contest. The winner […]

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And here's Izzy Skenazy, when he took the subway alone. Hmmm.

Parenting Tips from Law & Order SVU

Readers — This McSweeney’s tdftyfhefi post by  Beth Levine and Liz Dancho is soooo good. It’s called “Parenting Tips I Learned from Law & Order: SVU” and includes such advice as: Don’t raise your kids in New York City. They will end up running their own adult website and spending all their money on video games. […]

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Not the actual suspicious leg. But you get the idea. (Photo from Clints Work)

Prosthetic Leg Prompts Pedophile Panic at Pool (and funny comments)

Readers — When kids are going through their scared-of-the-dark phase, they see the chair and think it’s a monster. And when adults are going through their “Everyone is out to get our children” phase —  (From The dbhfkksire Daily Mirror.) Children were evacuated from a swimming pool amid fears of a pervert in the changing […]

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"You candy-asses couldn't find an abducted whale with diaper rash!"

Mock Abduction Staged (Complete with “Mock Helicopter”)

Readers,  I’m sure that plenty of people think that it is a GREAT idea to stage the mock abduction of a child and then get all the local crime fighters involved. But not me. Staging an event like this makes it seem as if stranger abductions are common, or at least on the increase.  In fact, they […]

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