“Right On!” vs. “It Is NEVER Okay for Even an 8 y.o. to Walk to School”

Readers, here’s a look at two world views. Free-Range Kids received both last week:

IT’S ABOUT TIME! I was raised in the 60s & it was nothing for me to take the subway or bus to the N.Y. World’s Fair. I was 8 at the time, & knew enough to be home by dinnertime. Nowadays way too many kids are hovered over & as adults lack the simple skills to be social & accountable in public settings.
Summertime saw me, along with MOST of my friends, earning money cutting lawns, washing cars, etc., & as time went on we all got different jobs so as to be self-reliant & accountable. Sadly you rarely see that anymore. I hope parents wake-up & realize they’re raising a bunch of leeches by not allowing their kids to discover the World for themselves.

And then there’s –

You people are full of crap- your “free-roam” child crap amounts to nothing more than being lazy parents who don’t want to be bothered with keeping up with your kids. There is absolutely NO circumstance when it is ok for a 5, 6, even 7 or 8 year old child to be allowed to roam the streets, walk to school, the store, or any other location, other than the next door neighbor’s house, alone or unattended. It’s not helicopter parenting to watch your kids- it’s call RESPONSIBLE parenting. It’s called caring about and loving your kids. You CAN monitor your children without hovering or being over protective. Idiots like you are a perverts dream- they know they can count on you to turn your babies out for them to do their dirty deeds with- and no, that’s NOT being part of any “panic”- that’s freaking reality. Take a few minutes to learn just how many registered sex offenders are in your area- and note they most likely ALL are repeat offenders. And that number is just the ones that have gotten caught. Think about how all their victims felt, and think about how shitty you will feel WHEN it happens to your kid. Then, think about the family in my town that just buried their little girl b/c they thought it was ok to let her, at barely 7 years old, to roam the neighborhood without adult supervision. She was hit and killed by a car she didn’t see coming. Don’t pull any kind of statistics BS either- you all know it, I know it: people like you that just send their kids out for the vultures of the world because you THINK you are doing them a favor are horrible, lazy, undeserving so-called parents. What a shame that God would bless you with something for which you show such little disregard.

And so it goes… – L 


Free-Range Kids: Good or Evil? (Please ignore the baby being abducted. Off-message. I just needed a rights-free illustration.)

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