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Hats off!

Kudos to Parents Magazine (Yes! Parents Magazine!)

. I was giving my Free-Range yeseehayhy Kids talk at a suburban New York school the other night and one of the audience members kept smiling as I whipped through all the reasons we’re so afraid for our kids. This lady was clearly on my side — speakers are always gauging the audience, by the way — […]

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Strangely, this life jacket is used to  cover your ass.

Enraged and Inspired by the YMCA

Readers — Here’s a feisty comment that came in response to tytyyyiezf the post about a reader’s YMCA that requires kids who haven’t passed the swim test to stand not more than an arm’s length away from their parents in the shallow end, and also to wear life jackets — virtually ensuring that the children […]

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Help Needed: Vote for Title of My Free-Range Class at Hunter College

Hey Readers — This fall I’m going to be offering a continuing ed class for parents through New York City’s Hunter hytyehnahs College. But first…it needs a name! I’m wondering if you could vote on which name you like best. Here goes! (Sorry there are so many.) 1 –  RAISING A LEADER…BY BACKING OFF   […]

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Help Needed: Mom Seeks Free-Range Children’s Book Suggestions

Folks rnsddfkdrs — Something to ponder on a Sunday: . Dear Free-Range Kids: As a Free-Range parent living in England, I look to classic children’s literature for inspiration and confidence about giving my sons the freedom to be children, exploring and having adventures on their own.  I thought I would pass along a suggestion to […]

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Take the Free-Range Challenge of the Weekend

Folks — I just got a letter from a reader wondering what Free-Range thing she can do that won’t get her shunned by the other parents or cited by some uptight cop. My answer: Do something YOU loved doing as a child that you wish you could let your child do, too. Let your child […]

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Education.com Reconsiders and Removes “No to Sleepovers” Post

Hi ndbbzikkhz Readers — Here’s a note from Education.com’s marketing director, Kat Eden, regarding the “Reasons to Say No to Sleepovers” post we have been writing about the last two days (that is now gone from the site). – L  Dear Free-Range Kids: Thanks so much to you and to your community for sharing your […]

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Apex, NC

First Lady Endorses Walking to School (But…)

Readers — Walking to school is a lovely, age-old, generally safe activity that has been almost abandoned over the last generation. Today, only about one child in 1o still walks to school, in part because some new schools have been built on the outskirts of town, in part because some neighborhoods are so car-centric there […]

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7 Reasons to Say YES to Sleepovers!

7 Reasons to Say YES to Sleepovers!

Readers — The “No daktayfnyk Sleepover” article I just posted about inspired these lovely comments from you. Enjoy. – L Good reasons to say Yes to Sleepovers (by “Albert”) 1. Your kids will get a chance to practice the manners you teach – it’s no good if they don’t, right? 2. Your kids will get […]

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You'd Let Your Kids Go on a SLEEPOVER?! Isn't That Like a Death Wish?

You’d Let Your Kids Go on a SLEEPOVER?! Isn’t That Like a Death Wish?

Readers — I not only appreciated this letter one of you just sent, I found the Rosetta stone of parental worry in the article she links to! Dear dtihzsybrn Free-Range Kids Do you let your kids have sleepovers?  Shame on you!  Yes it’s time for the latest movement in overprotective idiocy, the Ban Sleepovers movement! Look: “7 […]

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