Warning! 50-ish Woman Seen Offering Ride to Kids!

Dateline: Montreal — and talk about scary: A middle-aged woman was seen offering a 13-year-old girl a lift. But wait! It gets worse. Possibly the SAME woman also recently offered a ride to a 10-year-old.  Can you believe it? How brazen! As if she’s just some nice lady and it’s cold outside!  She didn’t drag the kids into the car or insist they get in, but still — isn’t it pretty obvious she’s a pedophile on the loose, or part of the white slave trade? Why ELSE would any adult ever be nice to a child?

I wish I could embed the video news report (because this sure IS news), but I can’t, so here’s the link. It explains that warnings have been sent out to all the schools, day care centers and stores in the neighborhood where this would-be unspeakable tragedy occurred.

That’s good, but I still don’t recommend watching this story right before bed, or you will have nightmares. (Especially if, like me, you are a middle-aged lady who likes to be nice to strangers. Even young ones.) – L.

The possible perp drives a grey car, and you know how scary those are!

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