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Brainwashed into Believing Things are Bad

This is a topic covered often by commenter Donald Christensen, who points out that repetition turns into belief. So when the media repeat the same type of stories day after day — murder! kidnapping! danger, danger, danger! — our brains soak it up and eventually incorporate it as “The way things are.” This brilliant short […]

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A man was in a car!

“A Scary Situation for a Young Boy”

We either live in a world so teeming with evil that encountering an adult when you’re a child is ipso facto dangerous. OR we live in a world so safe that encountering an adult when you’re a child is, for lack of anything else to report, news. YOU make the call. This is a story, in […]

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I decided not to run a photo of the grieving family. Too painful, without any redeeming reason to show it.

The Tragedy at Kroger: A 6-year-old Dead

Last night, a mom in Jackson,  Miss., let her six-year-old son stay sleeping in the car while she ran into Kroger. While she was inside, it seems that three car thieves stole the vehicle and at some point they ended up shooting the boy, Kingston Frazier, dead. A photo of someone carrying the mom like […]

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"What a cute little kid!" Or, "I can't wait to steal you from this crowded Dunkin' Donuts with your mom right over there!"

UPDATE! EVEN THE PARENTS SAY THIS WAS NOT AN ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING! Is This Really “Disturbing Footage of an Attempted Kidnapping at Dunkin’ Donuts”?

Update from, which was even kind enough to alert us to this!  Police on Thursday issued this statement: “On April 5th,2017, the parents of Baby Doe were located; they reported that their baby was fine and they did not believe that the male was attempting to remove the baby from the stroller.” The video […]

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OMG -- there's another one of those creepy things that hang out at Ikea: A MALE! The nerve of some genders!

“Sex Traffickers at Ikea?” Free-Range Kids Cited by Snopes!

When yet another mom wrote about her kids ALMOST being sex trafficked — an assessment she made on the basis of noticing some men at Ikea (yikes!) who seemed to be looking at her children — I checked my favorite urban-myth-busting, hysteria-slaying site, Snopes, searching for “Ikea sex traffic.” There wasn’t anything there —  yet. […]

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Wave bye-bye to the sex traffickers! (Photo from BabyCenter Canada)

“My Toddler Was Almost Sex-Trafficked from the Grocery with Me Standing There.” Oh Really?

This story comes from a reader named Jennifer who wrote: So I am in 3 separate mommy groups and each of them in the past few days has posted this OMG! alert: Jennifer’s plea: Stop this insanity from gaining credibility!  . I’m trying. Here’s the viral post: My name is Amanda and I’m a Longview, Texas […]

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We all know that no one drives a white van without evil in their heart.

UPDATE: Lowering the Bar for “Attempted Luring”

UPDATE: Hi all! Just thought I’d clarify the reason for this “Attempted Luring” post. I highlight the media’s obsession with a very unlikely crime — stranger abduction — because constant coverage makes it seem common and ubiquitous. It’s the same reason I highlight the stories that run when  a child is dropped off at the wrong bus […]

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"Nerf" not "Nerve gas."

Of Nerf Guns and Eye Injuries

The temporary injury of a girl whose brother hit her in the eye with a foam Nerf gun dart has made the news, at least in the Daily Mail. Love or loathe them, the fact that they ran a large article and four pictures on this one incident (and remember “incident” is the word we […]

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