Is This News? A Baby Almost Hurt Himself

Readers — I found this note so interesting:

Dear Free-Range Kids: I’m a big believer in your philosophy, which I do my best to apply in my work as a nanny. I check in just about every day, and am always thrilled to find fresh reassurance that I’m not the only person who worries the world has gone insane. 

That being said, I’ve never contributed anything before, but today this headline caught my eye on Consumerist. I (perhaps ghoulishly) expected something a little more dramatic, but after reading the story I found myself wondering… what am I missing? I might be reading into this too much, but some of the wording in the article seems rather strong for a toddler toppling face first off a table. He was ‘saved’ by a ‘hero’ security guard? It was certainly lucky that the gentleman was there to catch the child, but even if he hadn’t been things probably would have worked out okay… right?


And this story made the news here from Poland? Nothing else happened in the world this week that trumps a child falling two and a half feet? I understand that news comes in all varieties, both major and minor, but this seems a little overblown. Also, when I clicked back to the original source, I found this quote even more strange:

“The spokesman added that along with saving the child from almost certain injury, Mr Paczek may also have prevented the family from missing their flight.”

Haven’t these people ever heard the old saying that babies bounce?

I don’t know if any of this will be of use to you, but I thought I would pass it along. — Liz Perez

Lenore here: While not all babies bounce on all surfaces, I share Liz’s concern that when tiny stories like this become news, they seem to reinforce the idea that kids are uber-vulnerable at all times! This, in turn, reinforces the idea that the only good parents are the ones who never take their eyes off their kid. But I’m also pretty this only ran only because there was video available AND because the dad looks so nonchalant while the Good Samaritan “saves” his child. Media simply cannot resist that one-two punch: Bad parent/thank God for someone GOOD nearby — and video at 10!

P.S. WordPress users: A question. Every time I embed the video in this post, I can see it on the preview, but it doesn’t show up when published. Any idea how to fix that? I paste in the embed code while in “text” mode, as I always do. Hmmm.

P.P. S And NOW I’m seeing two copies of the video, but none on my preview. Vexing!

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