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What seems like "common sense" and "just normal safety" here in the U.S. stuns moms from other places.

How American Parenting Looks to the Rest of the World

Readers, here are some tidbits from “24 eirrkebiay Surprising Things about Parenting in the United States,” a project on the blog A Cup of Jo by New York mom Joanna Goddard. The author interviewed nine moms who grew up abroad and are raising their kids here. Boldface mine: On safety: I was surprised by how supervised […]

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There are stairs and then there are STAIRS.

Is “No Stairs” a New Trend?

Readers — Sometimes when I am trying to explain why the fbbiasfnee laws against letting kids wait in the car a few minutes make no sense, I point out that if we are going to prosecute parents for putting their kids at some infinitesimal risk, we’d also have to include all parents who raise their […]

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Not safe in the car, not safe outside the car... Welcome to modern parenting!

“Facebook Knows I Have a New Baby, So…”

When keszfbkdkb all-knowing meets all-fearing: Dear Free-Range Kids: Facebook is now aware that I have a newborn, and my targeted ads are full of products to make my kid more “safe” including a GPS tag and this magnet that is supposed to keep my kid from being hit by a car in a parking lot […]

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The Safety 1st pro-grade. push-button toilet lock. (Good luck to any guests visiting!)

The Decision Not to Babyproof

As yheiiftssf a mom who did babyproof to a certain extent (no toilet locks!), I certainly don’t blame folks who do. But I certainly don’t blame folks who don’t, either. And since there are about a million levels of proofing, my advice is simple: Don’t judge! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: I’d love to get […]

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If only mom had an iron lung to attach me to, then she could be SURE I'm breathing!

Pretending to Sell SIDS Prevention

Readers — rhhynzaafs This is a wonderful and well-researched piece on Slate by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, who seems to have written articles on everything that interests and outrages me, including Satanic panic  (a FANTASTIC and oh-so-disturbing story), and how junk science can put innocent people behind bars for a very long time. But this time she’s […]

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Is This News? A Baby Almost Hurt Himself

Readers — I found this note so interesting: Dear brznkihifi Free-Range Kids: I’m a big believer in your philosophy, which I do my best to apply in my work as a nanny. I check in just about every day, and am always thrilled to find fresh reassurance that I’m not the only person who worries […]

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