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I want to eat dirt!

Help Needed: How Convince Spouse to Stop Overprotecting Baby?

. This hkkyzydyni dad cannot be the only person out there who wonders how much a baby can handle in terms of dirt and bumps: Dear Free-Range Kids: . Please direct to where I can find research, or better yet, documentaries about what minor risks that you don’t need to worry about with infants — […]

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The Safety 1st pro-grade. push-button toilet lock. (Good luck to any guests visiting!)

The Decision Not to Babyproof

As yheiiftssf a mom who did babyproof to a certain extent (no toilet locks!), I certainly don’t blame folks who do. But I certainly don’t blame folks who don’t, either. And since there are about a million levels of proofing, my advice is simple: Don’t judge! – L.  Dear Free-Range Kids: I’d love to get […]

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If only mom had an iron lung to attach me to, then she could be SURE I'm breathing!

Pretending to Sell SIDS Prevention

Readers — rhhynzaafs This is a wonderful and well-researched piece on Slate by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie, who seems to have written articles on everything that interests and outrages me, including Satanic panic  (a FANTASTIC and oh-so-disturbing story), and how junk science can put innocent people behind bars for a very long time. But this time she’s […]

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Is This News? A Baby Almost Hurt Himself

Readers — I found this note so interesting: Dear brznkihifi Free-Range Kids: I’m a big believer in your philosophy, which I do my best to apply in my work as a nanny. I check in just about every day, and am always thrilled to find fresh reassurance that I’m not the only person who worries […]

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