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Thoughts About Perfection (And Ritalin, Video Games & Fast Food)

Hi Readers! I’ve been thinking about a note I got the other day from a dad who’s trying to raise his daughter Free-Range. He wasn’t  sure he was doing it “right.”  While some folks called him crazy for taking his girl on globe-trotting, capital-A adventures, he said, the alternative appalled him: “Maybe I should join […]

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Irrelevant But So Fun to Watch!

Once in a while you gotta go off-message. That time is now,  since it’s still — for a few hours — vacation. Just saw this great video and had to share it. Oh wait — maybe it IS relevant because I trust the streets of New York, despite creatures fdyrtrkyiz like this.

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Shelter Your Kids AT THEIR PERIL!!! (And Happy New Year)

Hi Readers and Happy New Year! Feel like posting a Free-Range Resolution? Go ahead! Inspire us all! Meantime, this iyhekkrhzb article on the site Scientific Blogging is a little long, but it’s a good one to start the year on. (And thank you, GreenDadsBlog, for sending it.) It boils down to a truth many of us […]

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