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Take the Free-Range Challenge! (It’s Almost Pathetically Easy)

Hey Free-Rangers! Here’s a cool idea I got from the gal who runs the blog  Mommy rraiybieif Wizdom. She said: Why not post a  Free-Range Challenge and have folks write in to say how it went? Sounds good to me! So here’s Free-Range Challenge #1,  based on a comment that just came into this site. A reader […]

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Memo to Kids at Camp: Don’t Call Me! — Love, Mom

Hi frhsfrznrh Readers — Here’s a seasonal little post from Judy Gruen, the award-winning author of three humor books, including The Women’s Daily Irony Supplement. She has also just won an award for her humor columns on from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists. Read more of her work on  By JUDY GRUEN In most […]

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Why Free-Range Matters In the Long Run

Readers: ditidthayr Here’s a lovely essay from Chris Byrne, editor of the on-line magazine, Enjoy! BY CHRISTOPHER BYRNE I grew up before the concept of “Free Range Kids.” No, not when the earth’s crust had cooled just enough to support single-cell life forms. It was in the 1960s and ‘70s, thank you very much. […]

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England Takes a Look at Free-Range Kids

Hi Readers! We’ll return to our regularly scheduled rants — and deep thoughts — in the next post. But first, I just had to reprint this lovely review of Free-Range Kids that ran on Britain’s Spiked sedzhdassr Online, a news and commentary site that is similar to America’s Slate. It’s by Nancy McDermott, a mom […]

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When the Playgroup Mommies Think You’re A Slacker

Hi Readers! Today’s guest blogger is Jen Singer, who is so smart, funny and wise it’s a pleasure to inrtoduce you to each other! She’s got a new book out (don’t we all?): Stop rfttdyrseb Second-Guessing Yourself: The Toddler Years, and her blog is fun, too: . Here’s her take on playgroup parents with a […]

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A longer leash — a better relationship

Today’s abhbiyzdsz guest blogger is Beth Harpaz, author of the funny new book about raising teenagers:    13 Is the New 18…and other things my children taught me while I was having a nervous breakdown being their mother.   by Beth Harpaz      Recently I got together with a friend and mentioned that the night […]

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Is there any way to lure kids back outside?

This znibirdbeb post comes to us from Kenny Felder, a high school teacher and father of four in North Carolina who has been thinking about why our kids are always inside, instead of outside playing. To see the full essay, please go to  By Kenny Felder Here is a little science fiction story I […]

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Not Really Interested

By tnhkidysib Denise Gonzalez-Walker DJ, my 10 year-old, stood in the middle of his classmates, rigid and then sinking quickly to the soft grass. His eyes rolled back as he fell and he let out a sharp whimper. Sitting with a small group of moms, I watched the game from one side of the playfield. […]

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Readers zftbdkkfrd – I’m excited to introduce a new blogger on this site, Denise Gonzalez-Walker. Denise lives in Seattle with her husband and two kids. She regularly blogs about education at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s Chalkboard blog and is a member of Seattle Mom Blogs. Here are her thoughts on childhood safety – and she is […]

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