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Saving Boy Scouts (And Everyone Else) From Joy

Rest in peace, possibly, oh ye International idasndhhzn Boy Scout Jamboree. As you may recall, readers, England’s excessive new rules require everyone who has ever even BEEN a child (or at least, everyone who may ever come in contact with one) to undergo a pedophilia background check. That being the case, the yearly jamborees that have been a staple […]

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Hugging Instructions? Yep.

Just ytneeeehfy when you thought Pedophile Panic couldn’t get any weirder comes this comment from a reader: A training document distributed at my church a few weeks ago for people who work with children actually tried to instruct in how to hug a child. The sentence said, “Remember: Side hugs are best.” Side hugs? How […]

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A New Controlled Substance?

Howdy, snheatbyrz Readers. This just in: Hi all! Thought you might get a laugh out of the latest rule that’s been enacted at the daycare where my children go. Whenever a child has medicine they need to take during the day, a parent has to fill out an authorization form that lists the medicine, amount needed, […]

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Trust No One — Especially Not a Parent Volunteering at School

Hi Readers — Here’s a round-up bbfnahyfts of Providence, Rhode Island-area schools that are making their parent volunteers get background checks, sent in by a gal named Rema. I know a lot of folks will say, “This makes sense! Can’t hurt — can only help!” but let’s consider whether that’s true. *First of all, if there […]

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Protecting Kids from “Dangers” Like Rhinestones. And Books.

Hi Readers! Remember during the summer I ran a post by businessman Rick Woldenberg about the wacky new Consumer Product Safety law? Here’s a little of what he said: Readers yknfitzhtk of Free-Range Kids may not be surprised to learn that Congress has enacted far-reaching legislation to save your children from the dangers involved in […]

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The Risk of Avoiding All Risk

In the town of Milford, Connecticut, in 2005, a grandma named Una decided to build a pool. That way her 14 grandchildren could play in it. Except, she worried: One couldn’t. He was allergic to nuts and there was the possibility that if he and a nut happened to be in the pool at the […]

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Kid Hurts Knee in Little League — Parents Sue. Who Won?

Walter Olson runs a great, nay, mindblowing blog called nzthedzfhz The name says it all. He’s got great posts on everything from a suit against dolphin trainers (for teaching their dolphins to deliberately splash during a water show, making the area slippery) to a family suing Honda for million because their car window blew out […]

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More Outrage! English Schools Ban Ties For Fear of Choking

English school boys are suddenly being forced to switch from old-fashioned ties to clip-ons. What overactive overprotective notion is behind this development, sent in by reader Gregory Sutter? The BBC ahstbtytkn explains:   In May the Schoolwear Association, the trade body for the school uniform industry, said 10 schools a week in the UK were switching, […]

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Grave concerns: You

CAUTION: Sand Presents Uneven Surface!

Enjoy this. arzzfnfhtt Lots of great signs warning of the obvious gathered by a group called The Manifesto Club and reprinted in England’s Daily Mail. These signs remind us that Britian is in some ways more advanced than the U.S. when it comes to worrying about non-worrisome things. Remember: It is  England that requires anyone who wants to work with children […]

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