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Creating a Quarantine Schedule Is Not the Opposite of Being Free-Range

At Let Grow, a wise mom named Kate Sundquist admits that while her kids were already good at playing, they certainly weren’t good at filling hours and hours of free time, playing by themselves. (Read the piece here.)

So she her and boys created a schedule. “While these routines might seem restrictive or even the opposite of independence,” she writes, they aren’t. “If they give your kids the scaffolding to work independently during the day, you’re doing something right. Not only are you encouraging independence, but you’re actually letting them put it into practice. Plus routines are a regular part of our kids’ lives. Odds are, they actually thrive in structure.”

The piece is reassuring and her suggestions are not Martha Stewart-on-steroids. They’re straightforward. Best one? Keep three baskets in the kitchen: One with school supplies, one with ongoing projects, one with completed projects. Your kids take it from there.

Good luck! – L


   Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado at Unsplash


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