diaper change

“Each Diaper Change is an Opportunity for Disaster to Strike”

Those are the chipper words of a press release I got for some diaper-changing thingamabob.

Those are also the words today’s parents are expected to live by: Words that paint the most mundane of activities as a disaster of epic proportions (possibly — unless you do or buy something RIGHT THIS SECOND!).

As you probably know, I call this “Worst-First Thinking” — thinking up the WORST case scenario FIRST and living life as if it’s about to happen. Over at Let Grow I roll this around a bit, and dig up some other warnings that are actually out there, telling parents which stealth dangers to avoid, including:

*Musical instruments, such as a guitar, that can hurt a young child that is playing with the strings (for example, trying to over-tune them), if one of the strings that are under high tension breaks, flying into his eye or scratches his face, etc.

All those we’ve lost to guitar strings — so tragic. And:

*Parade floats, which can run over a child along the parade.

Parades are certainly no place for kids!

To read more of this kinda thing, hop over to Let Grow. Or add any crazy warnings you’ve seen or read lately, below. And — of course! — STAY SAFE. (You can start by putting down that guitar and backing off slowly with your eyes covered.)

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