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Helicopter Parenting is Like Covid: You Can Catch It Even if You’re Trying Hard Not To

Below a bracing little video to remind us all that helicopter parenting is like Covid — something you just breathe in these days. It’s not because YOU are particularly nervous or hovering or crazy. It’s just out there, spreading like a hyper-infectious SARs variant. And I guess you could says the “Paxlovid” is simply to give your kids a little bit of freedom and realize it lets you breathe much easier.

Okay. Enough with the Covid analogies! Here’s the video. And please tell me if you have had a similar experience!

Note: This mom talks about The Let Grow Project (formerly the Free-Range Kids Project), whereby schools give kids the homework assignment, “Go home and do something new, on your own, without your parents.” It is a lot easier to loosen the reins when a school is endorsing this, and other families are loosening up at the same time. Feel free to bring the Let Grow Project materials to your school’s attention in a month or so. All our materials are free!


Image credit: Davian Ho for the Innovative Genomics Institute.

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