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“Kids Suffer When We Treat Them Like Prisoners of War, Requiring Constant Surveillance”

A professor friend reviewed my new podcast, “Supervision Not Required.” Click here for the podcast.  And here’s the review!
Funny, wise, reassuring.
What a great podcast from Let Grow advocate Lenore Skenazy and developmental psychologist and play researcher Peter Gray.
Being a parent today is exhausting. From the time our kids are born, we are told that we have to be actively engaged with them every minute, because if they don’t hear us say twenty million words by the time they are five or whatever, then they will be scarred for life. We (parents) feel like anything that makes our lives easier must be bad for our kids.
Peter Gray and Lenore Skenazy bring a welcome breath of fresh air and a dose of common sense to this crazy discussion. They draw on decades of research showing how essential free play is to kids’ growth, development and well-being, and how much kids suffer when we treat them like prisoners of war, requiring constant surveillance. I wish I could give every new parent the gift of reading Lenore’s book (“Free Range Kids”) and Peter’s book (“Free to Play”), except that no new parent has time to read a book. In the meantime, I’ll just recommend this terrific podcast.
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