Lenore’s Columns

Free-Range Kids articles by me:

The kick-off: Why I Let My 9-Year-Old Ride the Subway Alone

Wall Street Journal: Eek! A Male!

Wall Street Journal: Boozy Babies and Other Overhyped Panics

Washington Post: Tips for Keeping Your Kids Safe This Summer. Very, Very Safe.

Washington Post: Quit Treating Parents Like Babies

Reader’s Digest: Warning! Everything Can Kill You

Reader’s Digest: Let’s Stop Scaring Our Kids

Wall Street Journal: The War on Childhood

Wall Street Journal: Stranger-Danger and the Decline of Halloween

Wall Street Journal: Whatever Happened to Walking to School?

Salon: The War on Children’s Playgrounds

The Guardian (U.K.): Why Does ‘Go Out and Play’ Sound Crazy?

Spiked on Line: Take Your Kids to the Park and Leave ‘Em There

NY Daily News: Sucking the Choice Out of Parenthood

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